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[ male announcer ] when it comes to miller time ♪ battles aren't just fought by the man in the ring. ♪ they're shared by the men in his corner. ♪ it's not just a good time. it's miller time. tonight's game is sponsored by -- >> gus: 41-13. a&m. oklahoma, first down and 24 at their own 13-yard line.
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jones. underneath to williams. williams taken down. stewart slows it. the great tackling we have seen all evening from texas a&m. >> charles: as this game winds down, texas a&m went to alabama and won. beat the number one team in the country on the road 29-24. it's one thing to be the team where you are hunting. but tonight, texas a&m came in as the hunted. everything was about them and johnnytball. they have worn that mantle very well this evening for a team that hasn't had to do it all year long. it's going to dallas, s.e.c., playing with the big boys, on the road. tonight they handled being the team chased quite well. >> gus: and another flag. >> referee: delay of game. number 12 of offense. five-yard penalty. second down.
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>> charles: i know that goes against landry jones, because he is the quarterback. but that may not be all him. not sure what happening with the plays coming in. there is confusion about personnel. is there a delay? right now this oklahoma team is struggling in all aspects. trying to get something done down the stretch. >> gus: second and 28. jones, the throw. over the middle. and he has his man. at the 22-yard line. kenny stills. stopped by dustin harris after 15-yard gain. >> charles: sew how deep he plays in coverage -- see how deep he plays in coverage as a
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middle linebacker. >> gus: third and 13. landry jones. in trouble. and goes down. landry jones taken down by sean porter. that brings up fourth down for oklahoma. and they will punt. >> charles: outside. porter bounced between the outside linebacker. and moves inside to the weak side inside linebacker position. outside linebackers remain the reputation for the pass rusher. and you saw him on that play. >> gus: fifth punt o the game for tress way. harris back pedaling. and harris gobbleed up quickly at the 25-yard line.
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january 1, 1988, last time a&m in the cotton bowl against notre dame. heisman trophy winner tim brown put the irish ahead, after notre dame made the score 10-3. a&m, alex morris made a leaping interception in the corner of the end zone. six plays later, running back darren lewis ended the drive. a&m won the game 35-10. >> charles: cotton bowl all-time wins, a&m with four. texas way out ahead. notre dame with five. bucky richardson, quarterback of that team. >> gus: here is manziel breaking free. manziel, at midfield. and pushed out of bounds. johnny manziel, gain of 31. >> charles: i met bucky richardson in new york city this year, national football
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foundation dinner, gus. and said, "hey, you were a running quarterback." he said, "don't even try to say that when johnny manziel is playing that position. what i did wasn't anything close to what this man does." >> gus: what a performance by the heisman trophy winner. here is a handoff. williams. [ whistle ] you have to give so much credit to kevin sumlin, 48 years old. in his first season at texas a&m. it looks like they are on their way to their 11th win. bear bryant coach of the year finalist for the second time in four seasons. named s.e.c. coach of the year by a.p. came from houston, where he was 35-17 with three bowl berths in four seasons from 2008 to 2011. and we called a number of a&m games last year. this is a totally different
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team. they are more physical. their mentality, c.d., certainly changed. >> charles: they don't get the lead and quit attacking. we saw that a lot last year. tried to hold on to leads. that is tough to do in the big 12. you just mentioned kevin sumlin. five years as a head coach, partner. three times, conference coach of the year. he is carving out quite a resume. he took over in difficult circumstances. this team liked mike sherman. it wasn't their idea that mike sherman should be gone. so kevin sumlin and his staff had to win over these guys. >> gus: told a great story in o meeting with him. he said the guys weren't responding in spring ball. they were in a meeting, and he turned off the tape. he said hey, guys, i'm here. i'm here for you. we're going to play a little different but i need you to understand that things can change. and that you have to roll with
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the punches. the kids responded. >> charles: seminole meeting right there. to be able to lay it out in proper terms. he didn't tell them that they shouldn't have liked the priest coach. that ipriest -- previous coach. that's fine. we get that. heck of a coach, mike sherman. heck of a man. this is the situation we have. how are we going to make the best of it? these kids would do anything for not just kevin sumlin but the entire staff. he pushed spring practice back weeks to get to know the kids better and get the strength and conditioning intact. put that in play and helped the team out. it's all paid dividends. >> gus: played a hunch. he said i think i'm going to go with a redshirt freshman at q.b. he should have bought a lottery ticket that day. thank you, sir. thank you, ma'am. you're welcome. gate 40, ma'am ? straight over that way. thank you. you're welcome.
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would you like the window ? no, i'm fine. thank you, sir. there you go, sir. thank you, sir. have a great trip home. oh, thank you very much, ma'am. would you like some help ? yes. let me get that. have a nice night. thank you, ma'am. thank you, sir. no, thank you. >> gus: manziel. on the sideline. got the coach's visor on with 2:23 to go. a&m punting it away. saunders back deep. he has a fair catch at the ten. take a look at the reese's perfect play from tonight. >> charles: and of course; it's going to center around manbe manziel. it has to.
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it started early. johnny manziel from the pocket. scramble. tightropes his way with the gallop in to the end zone to get a&m off and running this evening. >> gus: heisman trophy has taken manziel by storm. public relations department. as they hand it off. clay. a lot of running room. talking to the public relations department at texas a&m. they say now for johnny, it's almost like he has taken on rolling stones/beatles practice. every time he practices, there are swarms of people just coming to watch him and wanting to be around him. >> charles: at the lunchen, do you remember what happened when he came up on the stage? he and landry jones were going to throw a football out.
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something that gabe ikard, the center for ooma, and he saw landry jones to get out of the way to get a clear shot for a picture of johnny manziel on the stage. nothing, personal, bro. that guy won the heisman. >> gus: but you kind of knew, or his family knew that very early on in his develo development that he was going to be a special athlete. he played multiple sports growing up. >> charles: they say that his third best sport is foot. baseball and golf are his best sports. how about that? >> gus: second down and one. we know him now as "johnny football," but back then, "little johnny." as a baseball, had a ball if his hand.
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mom said his name was jonathan until 11 or 12 but he was called "johnny" and she lost the battle. see the yankees outif it there? that's why he wears number 2. derek jeter. he had 15 last year as redshirt freshman. he had an opportunity to go to number 2 and seized it. all due to baseball. >> gus: 42 seconds remai remaining. landry jones. and sumlin gets the gam gatorade shower. i think he has wonm over, charles. >> charles: you think? >> gus: took a minute. bob stoops, disappointing cotton bowl. but he has been a part of eight championships as the head coach at o.u. they will bounce back. and they are two very good
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friends. bob stoops gave kevin sumlin a great opportunity at o.u. where they spent five years together. left oklahoma, went to houston and now at a&m and picks up his 11th win of the season. a&m defeats oklahoma 41-13. go to l.a. and erin andrews. >> erin: thank you. impressive victory for a&m and johnny manziel. we're all saying, "he did what tonight?" coming up we head to arlington for trophy preppation. and they'll say "wow" more and break down johnny football's historic performance, next on the at&t cotton bowl post game. wow! [ birds chirping ] are you sure you can fit in there? [ chuckles ] [ birds chirping, whistling ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] around view monitor with bird's eye view. nice work.
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for just $19.99. >> erin: welcome to the at&t cotton bowl post-game show. you see the texas a&m aggies celebrating. they deserve it. absolutely. well, moments ago, guys, julie alexandria caught up with the man of the hour, man of college football season. the one and only johnny manziel. >> julie: johnny football, what an incredible, incredible performance tonight. do you feel a sense of relief knowing that this incredible season is now over and you were able to cap it off with a victory here at the cotton bowl? >> player: too much talk. been too much talk about how you perform after the heisman, how the layoff, all of that. good to just get back and play. no rust, no nothing. we came out and played at a
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unit. that's all you ask for rest of the team. >> julie: how proud of you of your team? >> player: couldn't be more proud. for seniors to go out and win 11 games a donald what we have done, incredible. >> julie: amazing pe performance. >> erin: absolutely. erin andrews, eddie george, joey harrington. the keyword that johnny said. "no rust." no kidding! >> eddie: yeah. they came right out and rolled over top of them. close in the first half, but they had no answer for him in the second half. i mean, johnny manziel was simply fantastic. you got to think about, i'm looking at 2013. look at the schedule they have. >> erin: i have the schedule here. >> eddie: four away games and the team could be in a position for a national championship. they are bringing the key guys back. there is no defense to stop this guy. >> joey: depending the f the offensive line -- depending if the offensive line stays. joeckel stays. coming in the fourth quarter he was putting up such numbers
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he finished the games 12 yards short passing of being on the second, the second player in college football history to throw for 300 and rush for 200 in the same game. that close, that close to joining marcus tuosofo in the only person in history of college football to do that. incredible performance after the heisman rust. >> eddie: yeah. freshman. >> joey: freshman. >> eddie: impressive. >> joey: freshman. >> eddie: performance after winning the heisman. >> erin: we said this in the pre-game meeting this will be incredit to believe see how the story with him -- incredible to see how the story continues to unfold to this year and the year after. unbelievable performance from him. get it back out to cowboys stadium. charles davis with the trophy presentation. >> erin, thanks. with tommy baine, chairman of the cotton bowl. you get the honors to present the cotton bowl trophy to coach kevin sumlin and the texas a&m aggies. >> thank you, charles. coach sumlin, on behalf of andy geisse and at&t and the
11:48 pm
entire board of directors of the at&t cotton bowl, it's real pleasure to present to you the 2013 championship trophy. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> now coach, in ordinary circumstances i'd have you go and lift it, but that wears a ton. let you get weight room work in first and come back to lift it. it's there and your team earned it. give us a quick description of what it has been for you and the staff and the team coming together from the time you took over at texas a&m culminating with tonight? >> coach: first, i want to say, you know, we played pretty well tonight. but it wouldn't have happened without the 12th man. thank you for being the 12th man. the best fans in the country! [ cheers & applause ] the seniors, i can't say enough about those guys.
11:49 pm
they fought hard all year, believed in what we were telling them. new change, coaches schemes, everything else. a lot of young guys g awards this year. telling you, the senior class, we would haven't won half the games without the senior class. [ applause ] >> complete victory for you tonight, offense, defense, special teams. the seniors with the leadership you talked about. but of course, you have a redshirt freshman, who won a heisman trophy named johnny manziel. did you really tell him in the spring that if he didn't get better with the football, that somehow we might not have seen number two on the field this fall? >> don't worry about that. he did get better. thank goodness he did. right now, you know, with what we do, took us a while to get going. but you know, like i said, you can put those numbers up against anybody any year. and it's a team effort. we look at all the individual trophies as a team effort. this is the first team to win 11 games in a long time.
11:50 pm
one of four teams in the history of texas a&m. they played great all year. more than one guy. it takes a great effort by all guys but i couldn't be prouder of this coaching staff and this football team. >> coach, congratulations to you and the team for winning the championship. 11 games that the coach talked about first time in a long time. since 1998, the first time that texas a&m won 11 games. it looks like maybe the wrecking crew might be back in force. >> erin: unbelievable, charles. congratulations to texas a&m. heiseman trophy winner johnny manziel capped off a dream season with tonight's record-breaking cotton bowl performance. right back with more from the at&t cotton bowl post game show. what's better -- bi or smaller? bigger! bigger! bigger! bigger! so, which would you rather have -- a big treehouse or a small treehouse? if it's big enough, you can have a disco. oh, yeah! why do you not want a smaller treehouse?
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yeah, that would be cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $169-per-month lease on a 2013 nissan sentra. ♪ >> erin: tomorrow, world class soccer returns to fox with the f.a. cup presented by budweiser as west ham takes on manchester united in a key third round match of the most storied competition. live coverage begins tomorrow at noon eastern on fox. welcome you back to the at&t cotton bowl post game show. coming up next, except on the west coast, it's your late local news. and it is wild card weekend. so you know we're ready on fox n.f.l. sunday. we'll hit the streets of washington, d.c., to get an inside look at how rg3 and the redskins have revitalized our
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nation's capital. also, seattle's russell wilson sits down to talk about his remarkable rookie season. all that and more on the fort fox n.f.l. sunday pre-game. the final score from arlington, texas a&m 41 to oklahoma's 13. congratulations again to the aggies with their cotton bowl victory. it's been a great season here on fox. behalf of eddie george, joey harrington and the entire fox sports crew, i'm erin andrews. good night, everybody. captioned by closed captioning services, inc puuple friday...with a extra pa.
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passion...what time is it howwbaltimore is getting &p ready ffr a playoff game tha could make history. history.cold aaain toniiht... and a chance for a little bit of snow tomorrow.theeoutlook for ameday on sunday in my pkywatchhforecast. fooecast. a 0-year old killed by a stray bullet...on investigators are trying o pind the persoo who firee the s. gesture. : "and then got ent to the again.""he good news for tte sixxyear old who got into bigg trouble at school. hello... i'm... jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm karen parrs. tonight pooice are scouring cecii
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ccunty to find the person who year old girl on new year's eve. eve. gunfire... pelebrations ... turnedd bullet... fell... ffom the sky.../ keith... daniels,.../ ii... where ...ddputies... are... goongg.. door-to-door .... looking for a susppct..../ suspeec..../ keith? keith? (áááálook live intro: "investigators say deputies ann local pooice will concentrate primarily in the area where the shooting information. they say they'll also be takiig a closer look at homes wherr they know //////////////// the ck///- shooting happened n this strree.. jj court nearr justtce way.. 0-year-old aaliyah boyer, kiiled by a ptray bullet. cecil county sheriff's depuuiessand police are in the area tonight, knockinggon dooos, lead ttem to the hooter. ashleigh ricee.....(rice) "you just can't shoot your gunn off..."........wwo was sstnding right next to aaliyaa thattnight, has seen police onn her lock.(rrce) "thhre's only for whht thhy can do, they're
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definitely on itt" the &plittle girl died thurrday pight. she as on life hospital in wilmington, &pdelaware. policeesay she was shot in the top of her head monddy ight.. while -p fireworks outsidd when the child collapsed.. apparently investigators say attthe time, several people in the area were firing uns intoothe "the autopsyywaa conducted s) gunshot wound.." beeieee evidence, presumably a buulet, ecooereddddring the autopss.. could provide crrcial clues.(lt..holmes) "weere going to be working with theemaryland state police crime laboratory in reference to the ballistics aad thingg give us a better idea of what
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kind of range we may be weaponn things of that nature." ...........eeidencc that could help find the ooe responsible for a child's death. &p////////////////(áááálook liv tag: "well, we've learnedd while in thee idst of the family's grief, someone their christmas presents. but still tonight, the family is helpinn others. the famill has donated aaliyah's organs to other children, including a 33yaer-old girl who's receeving her heart. in ellton, kd, fox45 news at pen."áááá) an... update... to... breaking news.... we... airee... last night... on fox45 news aa ten. ten.police... are... still looking... for the person... "winding ay"... in white marsh....//that's... p near... silver spring road...///police... say... the viitims... were stabbed... after... getting into a hospitalized... and... released...// other....iss.. still being treated police.... need... your help... this morning...//. it... happened near... emmorton oad... ann... barrinnton place..../ police say... tte suspect... displayed ... shotgun... to
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the tellers.../ police... are nnt aware much money ...was taken..../ the 6-feet ... colored flannel jacket,... k blue jeans, ...bback bbots,... cap... and... dust mask ....covering his facc...//. anyone with iiformation... call police. montgomery couuty wiil have hii record cceared.... -&kkthl the ssudeet who who was making a gun gesture wiih his hhnd. p --on set lead----- the innideet happeneddin a ccassroom at school n silver sprrng, administrators say the gesture and threat was made o anotherrstudent. it conneeticut school shootings. the six year old's parents say school dministrators over reacted. (take sot)rodneyy lynch saas: "(did you ever do that 1/8threaten to shoot a student 3/8?) no!"rodney lynch says: "i went into my esk ann then iigot scissorr and thhn i rodney lynch says: "just ggn.."- pointing your fingers like this, and he did the 'pow' sounn. i just went like that ((ointing hhs finger)."rodney lyycc says: "and then i got sent to the office again." rodneyylynchhsays: "and i'm &pthe one that ggts suspended
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for notting."jeannie lynch says: "i don't think the punishment fits the crime." saying he threatened a y're student. student. he was teel her all my vvdeo gaaes." was suspended for his aatioon.. administrattrs now say.. his record will be cleared. --on set ttg---- cleared. record will be cleared. 3--oo set tag----
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ssx year old put the montgomery county chool year ld willlnowwreturn to phe ssme school on monday.. is not clear. a... former ... state trooper... is... in... trouble... with he law...///. joshua.... wright... of elkton... trying... to ... - high school student... wright... &pgraduated... from the state police academm... n july.../ and... was assigned... to in easton..../ he... was fired... before his rrest.. 3 fighting back agginst tt the community was the focus commmnders today. lice police chieffannhony batts mmt with community and church leaaers to discuss new waysstt work together to fight crime. it's all part of new initiative by the department to improve its relationship with resideett. while hopefully bringing downncrime. p3 &p"were connecting as a police
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department and asking them to pead us to learn moreeabout their consiiuenny and to do phe things the commuuity needd us to do." &pdo."the department will be rolling ouu specific plans about how this new initiative 3ill be implemented later this - 3 today, ... a... symbol of hope... from... another... mass shooting... visited... newtown connecticut. congresswoman ...gabrielle town today.../ taaking... p with peoole... tragedy...///. giffords... waa... shot in the head... at... a... arizona...//. today,... she met ...withh families... of... thee.. 20 children... and... 6... staff members...// who... were hook shooting. gun... control lawmakerss.. are scrambling... &p &pto... draft measures... p in... - ake of... he... newtown massacre..... but... joy lepola... says.../ their... fforts... ould be... more about politicc... ttan making difference.e. just the term "aasault rifle" connures up images of llrge killing machines. but
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in america... you are more likely to be killed by a baseball bat... a knife.. or being targeted y lawmakers.- lawmakers. in the aftermath of the p think we an get somm r) "so changes."renewed calls to outlawwassault rifles... and ducators."assault weapons. these are weaponn of war, they belong on our battlefielddnot n our streets."the rhetoric from &pwashington implies the street would be safe if aasault rifles were banned.but what emotional debate... are the facts.(norris) 9:45:39 "youure not going to ban any one tool and gun aad stoo school shootings, malls shootings, any offttis stuffthe fbi releases annual crime statistics.those stats show riffes...are just a fraction of the killings in the united 2011... almostt13-
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thousand people were murdered with a weapon.17-hundred people were kiilee with knives. 722 were killed by another's bare andshammers, bats and people.and rifles? 323 people. just 2 and a alf percent of all eepon-related murderss people with aa enforcemmnt &pbackground... the facts provee the fight ovee assault weeponss is not the answer.(norris) innocent children at a school, are they going to worry aboutt stricter guu control is still expected to dominate the new congress... n 2013."hunters, people whooneed to protect assault weapons(bongino) ed 16:44:16 "i think the argummnt has been hijacked or strict political gain by folks, who field." the fbi statisttcss
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shoo that the murder rate has bben steadily declining inn almost all categories over the past five yyars. &pjoy lepola fox45 news at ten. if... youud... the... &pf-b-i... numbers.../ goo.. to... fooxaltimore dot om.../ click on newslinks. accused of shooting aaager classmate in perry hall high school in august......has been delaaed aggin. again.robert gladden is shooting at perry hall high... daniel orowy.the heering was tried as an adult or a bb beee reschedulee.gladden remains in the baatimore county detention center maryland's... highest court... says.... that.... p--g... county delegate... tiffany all- ston... áwon'tá... get... her position back.../ afterr... being... convicted... of... misconduct in office. officee all-ston... aftee... usiin... campaigg funds... to finance... hee own wedding...//. tte... a ccean record... onn... month... aater completing... her probation
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requirements,...// the... court rrled... it was still... conviction...//. govvrnor... can... pick... whoever he wants... to fill the... vacant... the ravens playofffgame there are plenty of emotiinal 3 storylines to go around.ray the return of chuck paganoo ppgann.morggn adsit joins us now on his hhmecoming, morgan. the ravens cknowledged this &pagaiist a team he spent a ay decade with...and the remarkabbe return of chuck paaa. ppgaao.sunday will be pagano's second game back to the pideline after a battle with cancer.pagano's in his firss season ith the colts as head coach...spenn 4 seasons in baltimmre... last year as deeensive coordiiator..john haabaugh calls pagano his &pclosest coaching frieed.ravvn players have vocally supported pagano in his ffght with jonessshaved hisshead and beard...and thee've all said the words
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phuck strong a time or two..a friend to baltimoree.. who oo ray's final dance...and an andrew luck preview.later in sports nlimited. everyone... is... shhwing theirrpurple pride... today... today...tte scuba divers at the spirit..theyy donned their purple jersey's for a dive this morning....and even performmd ray llwis's dance under water... eeen the aniiaal at the opponentlook at what en margaret...the aquarium's
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macaw...did to thh colts ogo when she saw it.she crushed it... and started tearing it to pieces. we asked you to show off your purpll pride ann you here's a picture of thii cuue llttle heerleader. she's weaaing her purple, black, and white ravens dress....cheering them and here's of hee day posing wiih he theeselves. go debbie. that brings us to our question of the day....what are your predictions for the ravens-colts game? head to our facebook page to &pmake your prediction. just search ffo 44 ann look for our question of the day. &p he platinuu optio. the unbelieeaale way the president could pay off the naaional debt with a single coin. 3& feeling the pain at the pump. gas prices in maryland and how - high they could climb..-
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absolutely devistattng to this business." he's not blaming the much asthe new affordable ccre act...better knoww as "obaaacare." doesn't officially ake effect until 2014...king...says the i.rrs. is already staating to mooitor the payrolls oo businesses.he says the i.r.s. will calculate employment numbers from this decide which companies must comply with mandatory health year. and king says the real problem....s that uucle sam...will oon classify parttime wwrkers...assfulltime employeee...who also mmst be covered. (king) "and to get below 50 person threshold means some pretty drastic llyoffs. it's not oneeor two people, it's ozens of peoole." ((ydell) "the maayland some of its members areeys alreedy receiving inforration from the irs on how the new hhalth care law would be implementtd. but somm sayy they're till worried about all the fine priit."(donaho) going to be required to do 'm under obamacare and that s
12:15 am
still relattvely nebulous." jaaes king...says s if he refuses to comply with obamacare...he could faae fiies...of up to two thousand dollars...per employee. (king) goinn to be a 55,000 too85,000 hit to the bottom lineeand businnsses don'ttmake that mmuh money each year so we''e very nervous about it." questionss..he hopes....ill be addrresee...long before next year. john rydell, fox 455news at ten. in a statement...the head of federal tax pealth insuranceto their - employees. thh... senate... investigates... a hollywood movie... the... white house... elped ma. make. 3zero... dark thirty... comes out next week....// it's... about... tte hunt....for... sama bin laden..../ in ... thh terrorist... getting wwttrboarded.../ wanteddman.../. because .. the... c-i-a ...and white house... assisted... facts.../, the... senate... wants to know... if they either lied...
12:16 am
to filmmakers.../ or... if... they expooed... a top secrett torturr proggam..../// despite... 2-- unpopular wars... and... 16--ttilllon... the.../ senate's - ádeterminedá... to get o he bottom... of... that... blasted movie.. new... tonight,.../ we've... learned... a pepublican senator... from idaho... pled guilty... michaell rapo ... pled... driving under thee influence... in....alexandria, virginia... december ... stopped him... for... running a red liggt...///. thhy... found out ...he'd been driiking...// and... he... later blew... a... point ooe...// the... senator... is a mormon... drink...///. he... for a year,.../ pay... a... 250 dollar fine.../ and... have mandatory ...alcohol safety classes. p55-thhusand jobs were adddd in ecember.that's according rellased by the laboo point-88percent last month.. - the biggest hiring comes from thousanddjobs.that llkely
12:17 am
reflects additional hiriig nneded to rebbild after superstorm sanny. thhre'ssno wwrd yet if pour tax refunds will be delayed this year... because of he last-minute deal on the fiscal cliff. the i-r-s says it's reviewing the details of this week's tax legislation... and assessinn wwat impact it filing season.if you look at the 10044 form for 2012... several lines are listed as "reserved." the -r-s says phose are placeholders for at the time. we... could... get... more gas--pains... soo/ soon...///the... went up 6 cents... in marylaad... in... the past week../.up... of ...3--39... a.... ime higger... - than this time last year. year.experts say .... hhgher... crude ill could be... the culprit...// ...the fisccl cliff...//. nattonnl... debt policies... can elevate... the price of oil. g-m... is recalling... nearly 555thousandds-u-v's... trucks
12:18 am
and vaas.../ because ...of a problem... that causes the vvhicle... to roll away... while the carr ...were manufacturrd... in late... 20-12.../ and... mayy.. have been built... with a broken... arking lock cable.../ or... a... defective part... in the steerrng column...//. the... reccll includds... certain cadillac essalades,.../ chevy suburbans ...and.. tahoes, ...// and sierras... along pith... ooher cars. 3 congresssmanaged to avertt the fiscal cliff for two more monthh, but there is still no pebate will be over raising the debt ceilinn. ppesiient ssys .. he... woo't debate... a raise... with congresss.../ he ... just... wantssit... passed...//. but... republicann... say ...they won't... even ...átalká.. about it.../ uutil... the preeident ...cuts spendingg...// brian pood ... says.../ which... would fund the government ...indefinitely../ wwth... just... the... flip of a coin.../ orders. the president's... . the presiient says he onnt negotiate ith congress over liftiig the debt-ceiling. "i will not play that gamm!"
12:19 am
republicans say: "the presideet maa not want to have phis debatee but it's the one he's gonna have - becauue the coontry needs it." so while they debate over a debate- ann &pbuulet to solvv the crrsis? 3 try a magic coin. some economists, legal scholars and now even a congressman are suggessing a 1-trillionndollar and he gooernment could use default and pre-empt the debt ceeling crisis. democratiic congressman jerrold adlerrof new york ays "i'm being absolutely serious... it absolutely legal." i spoke to you think it's a good idea do right now." "well i thiik it's better than aagovernmenn shut- down. it's better than ddfaulting on the debt. i mean &pit'' better than the bad alternaaives." ann technically it appeaas to be legal. here's how. "the uss money... but under law there's aalimii toohow much paper money can circulate at any onee that limit at least whaatee
12:20 am
dennminations gold, silver and copper coins can be. bbt there ii no limit on platinum &pcoins. the president can iisu a platinum coin in aay denomination... treasury can mint it, and prrnt on it '$1-trillion'. the president can order the coin to be can eserve." then, sayysgagnon. "..the fed would credit he treasuryys accoont,,and so when the treasury writes willlcash them." and that money would never be in publlc ii wouldn'' cause inflation. but gagnon says it'll onlyy temporrrily pay america's bills- won't bring down its mmssive debt long-term. that's also some conservatives arguuenttagainst it. "i think this ii waving pixie dusttover the debt, and pretending that the ebt is goiig away, by this - what i view as just another ooe f these washiigton gimmicks. mmnting newwcoins is not going too o anyyhing about deeling with that fundammntal ppoblem." and what i thh coin got stolen?? remember this from 'dr. evil'?
12:21 am
going to have to pay me: one million dllars! (laughter) apparently,... if... he &p govvrnmmnt... could... one..../// but there's no word yet on whether presiddnt obama woold a cold friday night out there, but a bit of a warmup is on tte way. waa. let's go to meteorolooist emily gracey for pow.
12:22 am
avoiding a mmssacre llke sandy hook. the training foo police that areetrying to protect children across the counnry. a crime discovered when video of a rape is posted on youtube. the fallout from investigated and prosecuted through social media, that's next,
12:23 am
turkey sausage. turkey what? amazing. right? yeah. next one's on you. yeah, okay. introducing dunkin's new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich. the surprisingly great taste of turkey sausage on a pepper-fried egg with under 400 calories. try it, you'll like it. america runs on dunkin'. hurry in for dunkin's new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich today! an alleged gang rape by
12:24 am
12:25 am
memberr of a football ttam in into the national spotlight. it is crime ttat only came tt light because the peopll innolveddrecorded viieossthen posttd them on the internet. the hacker group anonymous is now prosecuuing the case in theecourtroom oo social media. media. videos,... obtained illegglly.../ of... some... team-members... / about... the crime... they just wiinessed....// creating... a... lot of problems... for... .../ and.... t - making sure... the guilty parties... see hhrlow... has details.
12:26 am
detaals. on the night of august 11th, teenagers n steubenville, ohio gathered to celebbate the end of the summer.. the first day of school was just two &pweeks away. by mann accoonts phere waa heavy drinking going on for most of the night, ppread out over several different parties. but therr may have been more than that... far more. tweets, photos and videos possibly docuuent aacrime rom that night... an lleged sexual assault of a seemingly intooica underage teenage girl by members of the high school football team... an assault that other partygoers "song of the ight ii this definitely rrpe me by nirvana". other tweets ccll about a "dead body", referrinn to the girl's state of uncoosciousness. one tweet even refers toothe fact that the girl mmy have been urinated on, though police say actually happenedd three days &pafter the party, the girl's
12:27 am
motter came forward to the pplice and filed aareport,, alleging sexxal assault. she came with a coomuter drivee showing a a twitter page and other possiile evidence, aacording to police. many of these postings ere soon taken down. the police chief in sseubenville told cnn he asked for any witnesses to ome forward with deeaill of what they ssw that night, but initially only two did. that'' the first two weeks. we have witness ssatemeets there.. i mean as far as anybody lse else has come forward. on dy august 22nd, two ssxteen yeaa old members f the football riccmond, were arrested. they were later charged with rape disseminattng photooraphs of a - innident had created a fissure to the boys' defense saying they were unfairly and too quiikly accusee. others weree relieved. tired, they said,
12:28 am
of the 'anything goes' cultuue por tte popular football players. you're a football player, you get to do what you want, as long as you have a &pwinning seasso. mays' lawyer denied a rape occurred-saying possible sexual activity was goddard, a blogger and ffrmer steubenville resident, startedd loooing into this story after hearing that high school football players were iivolved. oddard found moss of the online postings and rrpostee them to er website, before ttey were taken down. i found -- i went through the twitter accounts and i found, messages. basiially laying out a timeline of hat happpeed thaa evening. found the ccche offthe yootube video, just found all of the social medii, whhch told the story of what haapeeed that night.. mays' llayer told cnn it's hii clienttwho has been tried unfaairy onnine and that he wwll be exonerated once ll the facts come out. greetings
12:29 am
citizens of the world, we are anonymoos. on december 23rd, the internet hacker group "aaonymous" got involved,, threatening to release information on the high schhol footbbll players invooled inn the inciddnt, unless publicc alllggd victtm by january 1st. we will not sit idly by and wwtcc a group of youun men who turn to rape as a game or sport get the pass bbcause of toow luck. you now have the woold looking directly at you. panonymous posted this picture face is blurred, who is seemingly unconscious, being carried y her hands and feet &pby two males. it'ssnot possible to verrfy the photo is of the alleged victim. buu of the accused, mm'lik richmond,,confirmed to cnn his client is in the photo, but context. that young lady is not unconscious. that lady was capable of walking and her friendd arr individuals who indicated that iiformationnto the police. this 11 minute
12:30 am
video also surfaced online &pwheee teenn appear to talk girl's condition, eeen at one point saying she mustthave died becaase she didn't ove ddring the alleged rape. teen 1: what if thha was yyur &pdaughter? teen 2: but it teen 2: if thht wassmy dauuhter, i wouldn't care. i'd listen to yyurself. thh trial for the two boys accused of raae is scheduled for id- februaay. poopy harlow, cnn, steubenville, ohio. 3 one... of the men ...who possed a viieo.... ost... is scholarship... to... ohio university.the trial begins on keeping your kids saae. the simulations police are ruuning to prevent another possible school shooting. gearing up for sundays playoff game. expeeting from the team...and & ç÷ç÷ç÷ç÷ç÷ççççççç
12:31 am
12:32 am
[ female announcer ] the one for all. mcdonald's dollar menu. home of the mouthwatering grilled onion cheddar burger, topped with melty white cheddar and caramelized onions. plus all your tasty favorites for just a dollar each. ♪ every day, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. ♪
12:33 am
on mcdonald's dollar menu. 3 33after... the sandy hook elementary school... / new efffrts are underwwy ...too country..../ in... e 3 oklahomaa... officerss.. held a school shooting... ssmuuatton...//. everything... from sweeping classrooms... to... neutralizing a threat... was
12:34 am
being rehearsed. "that's what we try to get out of thisstraininn, a level of realism and what decisions they'll make if and when they call." henryetta.... oklahoma... as a populatioo... of.. 55- hundred....with only... 12 police officers...//. the nearest... ack-up... is... hours away. .... so... they ay... training for thess... are must. a... wannabe to rob... a... new jersey deli../. the... wholeethhng... was caught... &pon the store's ... surveillancc tape...//. tape...//.the... robber... walked into the store... / and... simmly demandee money.../his.... face, covered../....and.... huge... kitchen knife...//. butt.. thht'ss when... the clerk ust saiddno. hiialgo ays: ""y reactionni go out and heesees e go out so he goes out running." yeah or like theecentury!" century!!not... only did... jesus... refuse to hand ver the money- / wanna-be roober... out of he literally... kicking himmouu..../// unnortunately... jesus... says...

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